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You’ve Got Questions — I’ve Got Answers

What is the makeup policy of Modern Tennis Academy?

Starting from March 2018, we have imposed a new makeup rule. We only offer the make up lesson but no refund and deduction of month lesson fee.  We do want to introduce flexibility in our registration system, but there were too many makeup lessons and absent students without informing us last year. Thus, a fair way to do this is to allow makeup lesson for students who already inform us with reasons before the lesson start. If a student fails to show up in his assigned class without any reasons or notifications, we won’t offer any makeup lesson.

What happens if the weather is not stable in the day of practice?

We will announce in Parents' group in 45 minutes before the practice time if unstable weather. Students should call the Coach before the practice time to check on the conditions of the court in unstable weather condition. In the case of cancellation of a class due to unstable weather, then we will offer the makeup lesson.

And what if the lesson is cancelled, can the tuition fee be refunded?

We have no refund policy for the lesson cancellation but we offer the make up lesson.

What if my child is sick on the day of practice?

If your child is not feeling well in the morning of his training, then you can have your child make up on a different day of training. And also need to provide a medical certificate to us via WhatsApp for record.

Will my child be able to find the right level of training partners?

Fortunately in our tennis academy, we have a significant student base with players ranging in ability from beginners to Hong Kong National Junior Champion. After our initial assessment of each player, they will be assigned to a group suitable to his/her level. If an individual player improves rapidly and shows great attitude, our coaches will recommend that player to be assigned to a stronger group.

What are the main reasons behind the success of the players from MTA in tennis competition in Hong Kong over the last 10 years?

Our tennis academy has successfully implemented the joint United States Professional
Tennis Association (USPTA) and Spanish systems of training modelled after the best tennis academies in the world. This system of training successfully activated the muscle memory of tennis players in the quickest and most straightforward manner. The USPTA player development committee has incurred significant costs in researching for the best training method, and we believe at Modern Tennis Academy here in Hong Kong, we are very close to having the best system in place. In the teaching of tennis, we were told early on in our career of a saying that “there is not a right way, nor a wrong way, but a better way.” We assure you that at ATP Modern Tennis Academy, all our tennis professionals are constantly searching for a better way to teach this beautiful game of tennis.

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